1) When do classes begin?

Classes begin in October and conclude in May..

2) When does enrollment begin and when is the best period to enroll?

Sign-ups are taking place throughout the year as long as there is availability. Since the classes consists of a few people, the positions are lesser as the beginning of the school year approaches. After signing up the student chooses a schedule that suits him best.
If the preferred class has no availability and the sign up is not done on time a priority order is maintained.

3) What does exclusive expertise mean?

Exclusive expertise means that the school teaches only two specialties cookery and pastry making/bakery. It is the only school in Greece which for 30 years is involved exclusively with the subject of gastronomy and educates only those who want to be chefs. That is why it has been proclaimed as the best school in Greece and sixth in Europe.

4) What does the word "Chef" mean and how can I become one?

In French Chef means leader. Chef can be both the cook and the confectioner. The title of a chef is obtained by knowledge, constantly evolving and work experience. Graduating this school, the students will have the necessary knowledge to conquer this position as soon as possible and become successful chefs.

5) Do I need to have any knowledge in order to sign up to the school?

All students begin from the same level and knowledge is not necessary or prior occupation. Each student during the courses will receive the necessary knowledge, techniques and will be educated by various chefs in order to receive global training and multiple techniques.

6) What are the documents needed for the subscription?

• Copy of Identification
• School diploma from either high school or middle school
• Two colored passport pictures

7) Can anybody sign up?

There is no age limit regarding the school subscription.

8) I am not that young; can I still be a chef?

The answer is no! Those who are willing to study can have a career in cooking and pastry making joining the two-year program.

9) Can I study both specialties?

Students who choose both specialties are sought after in the labor market. The choices are two. One can either study both specialties at the same time or complete one of them and during a third year complete the second as a postgraduate.

10) What are the days and hours classes are taking place? What can I do if I'm working?

There are both morning (9:00-13:00) as well as afternoon (17:00-21:00) classes. In both cases classes are Monday-Thursday. Depending on the individuals schedule the student may choose the class he wants to join. For those who have schedules or commuting form another city, there is the option of attending the classes in two days combining morning and afternoon classes. The choice of classes is done between available as the school has a specific number of students per class aiming constructive conduct of the educational process.

11) Does the school ensure workshops?

The school ensures workshops both in Greece and abroad. Students are being provided with salary, feeding and housing. The school does not close during summer, overseeing the students' performance at working and assisting them in everything they need as there is a person in charge of the workshops.

12) I'm looking for a job, will the school help me?

The school is always actively assisting its students by having a career guidance office and through public relations. For the year of 2017 the jobs that were given to students and graduates by the school reached 140%. Therefore, the jobs were more than the students. That of course is not a coincidence because the school has been operating for thirty years now and keep its partnerships. The same goes for our older students who become executive chefs and business men as they seek for staff form our school knowing, as graduates, the level of education our students receive. While using a work database with all the students' information that has been created, the school keeps track of where each student is, old and new, bringing him in direct contact with possible employers. This service is being provided exclusively to current and graduate students of the school free of charge.

13) How can I commute to school?

The school is located in the most centered place of Thessaloniki, on 31st Tsimiski Street, in order to accommodate students, from all the areas of the city.

Contact phone  2310 240 675.
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Hours 09:00 - 21:00
Address: Tsimiski 31
1st floor Thessaloniki,
P.C. 54624

“The center of gastronomy in the center of the city"

Access by bus:
Mitropoleos Street (Aristotelous stop)
Tsimiski Street (Aristotelous stops)
Egnatia (Aristotelous stop)