Are you looking for greek food lessons while you visit Thessaloniki?
Greek food lessons is a customized experience on cooking traditional recipes with fresh and local ingredients from all over Greece. Your most tasteful summer in the city centre!

Greek “philoxenia”,
literally meaning “love of the foreign”, is about much more than a warm welcome; it is a complex moral code with deep roots.
Cooking is one of the most unique ways to discover a new culture, to learn about history and create memories that will last.
We invite you to the best cooking experience using local greek products.
Create your customized menu among a variety of starters, main dishes and desserts.

Choose your menu

Select amongst a variety of starters, main courses and desserts!

Add wine

Optionally add a wine tasting experience with local wines to go with your food!

Memory maker

Optionally have a photographer to capture your greekful day!

1) Fresh eggplant salad with yogurt, tomato and fresh herbs

2) Traditional salad with bulgur, tomatoes, cucumber and extra virgin olive oil

3) Small fried courgettes with yogurt sauce and dill

4) Traditional greek salad with feta

1) Moussaka, the epitome of taste made with aubergines , potatoes , minced meat and bechamel.

2) Traditional cod fish with greek skordalia (garlic-based cream). It is served on March 25th a National Day of Liberation.

3) Pastitsio, probably the most famous Greek dish which is made out of pasta, minced meat and bechamel.

4) Kalamarakia, stuffed squids with feta cheese and dry tomato. A dish full of Greek summer.

1) Chalvas, ideal for periods of fasting under the Greek religion and a healthy choice for any day of the week. It includes raisins, cinnamon, dried fruits.

2) Baklavas, a popular in the middle east and countries previously occupied by the Ottoman empire. A paste filled with nuts and syrup.

3) Revani, famous semolina sweet with hot syrup originated from Veroia, with mouthwatering flavor. Ideally served with ice cream.

On our greek food lessons, we use fresh ingredients from all over Greece, supporting local farmers and producers.
The recipes are calculated exactly for each group in order to reduce food waste and promote sustainability.
For our recipes, we handpick our vegetables, we use extra virgin olive oil and we will be happy to make the most tasty memories with you!

We would happily make any necessary adjustments if you prefer a vegetarian, vegan or other menu! There is also a unique opportunity of having a workshop in Sephardic Jewish cuisine.
Please use our online tool below in order to receive a quote or just contact us in order to create the best cooking lesson for you!