The idea was based on the intense need to educate active professional confectioners and it began with the creation of a two-month perfection seminar.
Responding to the constant growing requirements of the market, we created the first single-year-attendance school in early 1990, with morning classes.
The only other school available at the time was the school of Tourist Profession of G.N.T.O(Greek National Tourism Organisation)

Based on the modern needs as well as the strict French standards of professional education, our school soon became benchmark of quality education, for the Greek professional world.
Housed in self-owned facilities, a few kilometers outside of Thessaloniki. During the first three years of operation it accomplished to establish the institution of artistic contests between professionals, which subsequently others used.
With continuous presentation at sectoral exhibitions (DETROP, ARTOZA) and plenty distinctions it created a very high level, raising the bar in the confectionery and baking industry to unprecedented levels for Greece.
In 1994 the school was transferred to facilities located in the center of the city and the art of cooking was added as an independent specialty. The number of students grew drastically with a high proportion being the children of industry professionals. Within a five-year range 1994-1999 and by having a steady high number of students it accomplishes to win all distinctions, in every national contest it participates, performs universal exclusivities and vanguards such as the first fashion show with garments made out of caramel, chocolate and dead dough, the biggest cake in the world, the biggest profiterole in the world (4.5 tones).

The publishing of Chef Virginia Anastasiadou’s first confectionery art book follows. Immediate after Chef Virginia Anastasiadou publishes her first confectionery art book with excellent critics by prominent members of the French cooking academy and the MOF a title given to the most important chefs of France.
The school strains are part of review committees, sectoral associations that organize national contests, while providing the know-how and advisory support to known companies of the industry.
"Timeless history with just two specialties"

The above followed by appearances on morning tv shows, participation in European school programs, executive leading positions in sectoral industry associations of international prestige (Eurotoques, Advisors on Food Quality Matters etc.).
In 2000 it is recognized for the first time as the best school in Greece, while conquering at the same time the title of the 6th best school in Europe. Titles that have not been conquered by another school ever before.

For the first time under an experimental program are organized seminars for amateurs and housewives with subjects such as healthy diet, haute cuisine, traditional Greek pastry making etc.
The correspondence was so high that it was decided to become a standard with presubscription of interested parties and projection of the program via daily press.
With continuous success the school being recognized yet again as the best school in Greece for 2004 during the corresponding official contest.

During the following decade the school continues to rise in an even greater path with plenty of students and hundreds of awards in Greece and abroad.
The students are being recognized for their performances knowledge and imagination, conquering at the same time envious positions in the market.

For student stories see below:

The school keeps on standing out while seeing the market globalization and the fact that many students are sought after worldwide, it was the first Greek school to operate abroad as well.
This gives worldwide range and readability to the students of La Che Levi schools. As a matter of fact, recently the book of Chef Anastasiadou was translated in French, the mother of gastronomy and constitutes inspiration for plenty young as well as experienced chefs with an initial print of 10000 copies.

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