1) When do classes start?

Classes start in October and end in May.

2) When enrollments take place and what is the best period to enroll?

Enrollment takes place all year round as long as there are seats available. Given that classes are always limited, the seats are scarce as the course commencement date approaches. Upon enrollment, students choose the schedule that best serves them. If the student’s preferred course has no seats available or they have not enrolled in time, there will be a priority ordering on the waiting list.

3) What is meant by exclusive specialization?

Exclusive specialization means that the school teaches only two specializations, Cooking and Pastry/Bakery. It is the only school in Greece that has been exclusively engaged in the field of Gastronomy for 30 years and instructs only those who wish to become Chefs. That is why it has been declared the best school in Greece and the sixth best school in Europe.

4) What does Chef mean and how can I become one?

Both a Cook and a Pastry Maker/Confectioner can become a Chef. The title of CHEF is earned through knowledge, continuous development and work experience. After completing their courses, students will have acquired the knowledge essential to “conquer” this position as soon as possible and become successful Chefs.

5) Do I need to have “background” knowledge to enroll?

All students start at the same level and it is not necessary to have knowledge or prior experience on the subject.

During the courses, each and every student will receive all the necessary knowledge and techniques and will be instructed by various Chefs in order to receive comprehensive training.

6) What does the School has to offer me?

The School is certified by the National Organization for the Certification of Qualifications and Vocational Guidance (EOPPEP) of the Hellenic Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs. Also, the educational facilities of La Chef Levi are certified with an approved fire protection certificate by the Hellenic Fire Service. It offers specialized programs only in Cooking and Pastry-Bakery, giving access to a global network of professional recognition, as it is the only Greek School that operates abroad.

7) Can I take part in any certification exam?

Yes! The School offers the possibility of certification in collaboration with ACTA, a Personnel certification body and Spin Off of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki! The School is even an approved and certified examination center!

8) What supporting documents do I need to enroll?

  • ID photocopy
  • High School or Middle School Diploma
  • 2 color photos

9) Who can enroll in school?


10) Am I too old, is it too late to become a Chef?

The answer is no! Those who are willing to study can pursue a career in Cooking and Pastry by attending the school’s two-year program.

11) Can I study both specialties?

Students who choose both specializations are sought after in the labor market. The School offers the following alternatives; a student can complete one or both specializations simultaneously in two years or complete one of them in two years and start studying the other in οnly one additional year.

12) What days and times do the courses take place? What if I work?

Classes are held both in the morning (9.00-13.00) and in the afternoon (17.00-21.00). In both cases, courses take place from Monday to Thursday. Each student, depending on their schedule and obligations, chooses which class they will join. For students who are busy or come from another city, there is also the option of attending the courses in just two days, combining morning and afternoon classes. The selection of classes is made from those available as the school accepts a certain number of students per class in order to carry out the educational process constructively.

13) Does the school ensure my internship?

The school arranges internships for students both in Greece and abroad. Interns are provided with salary, board and accommodation. The school does not close during the summer and thus continues to help students during their internship. There is even an internship coordinator that students could contact for further guidance and assistance.

14) What if I want to get a job? Will school help me?

We always help our students and graduates actively through professional guidance and our public relations office.

During 2017, the percentage of jobs offered by the school to active students and graduates reached 140%. In other words, job offers were actually more than students. Needless to say that is no coincidence considering the school has maintained and enriched its partnerships for 30 years.

The same applies for graduates that become Executive Chefs and entrepreneurs who then recruit staff from the school as they have firsthand knowledge of the level of competency new students acquire. In addition to the creation of a job database filled with students’ details, we are in direct and continuous communication with both students and graduates, bringing them directly into contact with potential employers. The service is provided free of charge exclusively to our students and graduates.

15) How can I get there?

The school is located in the most central part of Thessaloniki, at 31 Tsimiski Street to serve students from all areas of the city.

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