La Chef Levi has been a pioneer in Culinary Education in Greece since 1989. For this reason, it applies universally accepted educational models, while at the same time being a certified member of the global community of Chefs, both in Greece and abroad.

The school’s curriculum has been formulated by award-winning Greek and foreign Chefs aiming at the step-by-step development of students by combining necessary fundamentals of Gastronomy with new trends worldwide. This way, we connect everything a new Chef, Pastry Chef and Baker needs to learn at first, with the latest developments in the industry at an international level. After all, La Chef Levi is the only Greek School with an overseas branch. Direct contact with new techniques, new materials and exchange of knowledge is the daily routine of the Group’s teaching staff in Greece and abroad.

This allows the School’s Chefs and Teachers to develop their knowledge, assimilate new trends in worldwide gastronomy and after thorough research and study, introduce it to our students.

Chefs & School Teachers Selection Methods

Wealth of experience, excellence in global competitions, seminars abroad and specialized training are some of the key features that our School’s teaching staff demonstrates.

Well-known guest chefs, renowned professionals and guest lecturers teach over time at La Chef Levi. We pay utmost attention in specialized training and thus School’s Chefs and Teachers are employed full-time, devoting all their time in order to achieve the best possible training for our students. Last but not least, we strongly believe that successful education is achieved through patience and persistence.

At the same time, for many years La Chef Levi has been organizing seminars and masterclasses featuring lecturers and companies of the industry, offering vast knowledge and experiences free of charge and exclusive to students and graduates of the School. This is because we believe that the journey to knowledge doesn’t end with graduation but it actually continues on even after it. It should also be noted that graduates of La Chef Levi have lifelong access to new courses, seminars and recipes for free.

The foundations for the future are laid with meticulous work and experience. You will find yourself surrounded by people who will devote all the time you need and stand by your side through whatever mistakes you’re going to make. You should not forget that during your time at our School you have to make mistakes so that we can help you fix them before you venture on to the labor market or build your own business and before you are given the chance to develop your own creative thoughts. No matter what you need to succeed, we’ll do our best to be there for you.

What is most important for all of us at La Chef Levi is to enhance your job opportunities and help you achieve a rapid development.

At all events, there is no one more qualified to talk about this than our graduates.

Read how our graduates eloquently describe their career development in Greece and abroad after graduation from our School.