It all started in 1989, when Chef Virginia Anastasiadou and the entrepreneur Sam Levi, influenced by various Global Gastronomy Competitions they participated in, decided to set up their own Competition that would bring all students and professionals of the industry together.

The aim is to showcase great, handmade creations, using ingredients such as butter, ice, sugar, caramel and chocolate, as well as culinary creations that stood out in five-star hotels and the biggest meetings of Paneuropean and global Chefs’ Clubs.

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Years go by and the main component of the competition is still continuous evolution.

The number of participants is increasing, techniques are evolving but passion remains unchanged!

What is the Gastronomy Competition?

Dating back to 1989, The Gastronomy Competition is now an established annual event that brings together people who love the art of Cooking, Pastry and Bakery. Amateurs, chefs, professionals and students come to admire the creations of La Chef Levi students and graduates.



International judges, distinguished chefs and successful graduates make up the panel which awards excellence, consistency and those who strive to become better!

Where does the Gastronomy Competition take place?

The Competitions of La Chef Levi School have always been held in the main facilities of the School, in the city center and in shopping streets so that the “high culture” of Cooking and Pastry that is taught at the School of Chefs can be easily accessible to the wider public.

Due to the ever increasing demand and success, in 2019, the Gastronomy Competition “moves” to an even larger space, in the premises of the T.I.E.C. (Thessaloniki International Exhibition Centre), where over 1,000 visitors admired and applauded the students of the School for their elaborate creations.

Of course, as in any Competition, visitors do not leave on an empty stomach as the students, together with the Chefs, prepare a luxurious and complete buffet with creations and techniques taught during the course, a sample of their daily effort made to provide the most specialized and quality education in Greece.

Every year, our events honor students and Chefs from abroad, as La Chef Levi is the only School that trains professionals worldwide.

Co-operating companies and sponsors make this day special, providing gifts and prizes to students, supporting the work of the School in practice.This annual institution is a small taste of what Greek Gastronomy can achieve and how capable and ready tomorrow’s professionals are.

Who is the biggest winner?