Social responsibility is indispensable part of our philosophy

For 30 years now, we, at La Chef Levi, have started with a professional goal: to train the best Chefs, Pastry Chefs and Bakers the next generations of professionals. In addition to discipline, evolution and passion, we have set an equally momentous and worthwhile goal. To be effectively helpful in society, always next to those in need, both individually and collectively.

How our future Chefs give back to society?

During the 30 years of operation of La Chef Levi in Greece and abroad, we have the honor of leading and creating many different actions of corporate social responsibility, visible and unseen.
Over the years, the students of the School have cooked and distributed more than 70,000 portions of food, free of charge, for various church soup kitchens, for KETHEA (Therapy Center for Dependent Individuals) for people who are in the process of rehabilitation and for any social group in need!
It goes without saying that we are always first in every school call for creative leisure activities of children through cooking and pastry, where they play the role of teachers for a few hours!

During the period of Christmas holidays, students make gift packs and delicious gingerbread cookies and hand them out to children in need of an extra smile.
Through Gastronomy, we have the responsibility to highlight issues that require social sensitivity, always in a “sweet” way, as befits the Chefs of the future.
The founder of the School, Virginia Anastasiadou, has often donated the proceeds from events to hospitals and organizations such as the Association of Friends of Child with Cancer “Storgi”.

Teachers, students and society pull together

Our school, fully addressing the needs of society and our fellow human beings, carries out a variety of actions, developing a sense of social responsibility. And we are particularly pleased that the school’s social responsibility is embraced universally, by teachers, students and society.
Teachers and students of the school, guided by passion and zeal, respond willingly to every call. In the context of the social responsibility, they help our fellow human beings who are in need by providing voluntary assistance through Gastronomy. Our school has been helping people and families for years through a very wide range of actions.

Day of humanity: At the epicenter of social responsibility

In January 2018, La Chef Levi establishes the “Day of Humanity” institution, launching a major initiative for society, its own blood bank.
On this great day there is blood donation, collection of clothes and food in the school facilities for people in need. We are particularly touched by the response of students, graduates and friends who give a strong message of compassion to all those who need us.

The school’s blood bank was born and will unite all the people of the School forever and wherever they are! At the end of each event, the smile of our students fills us with pride and optimism for the future.
Having students and graduates from all over Greece, we want them not only great professionals, but also ambassadors of humanity and solidarity.

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”
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