These days, businesses have complex and constantly evolving needs more than ever before. In order for a food service entrepreneur to upgrade their business or start a new project, the right strategy and a modern viewpoint combined with proven experience and passion are required.

Nowadays, management and uninterrupted operation of food service businesses is a very demanding and multidimensional process that requires familiarization with the legal framework, selection and proper utilization of personnel, selection of suppliers and appropriate equipment, creation and costing of a menu and a lot more.

La Chef Levi provides consulting services to food service companies, suited to any important and critical decision that needs to be made to ensure the proper operation and development of any business.

More specifically, the services offered focus on the following pillars:

Health & food safety consulting services

The most important aspect for a food service business, regardless of its size, is to comply with all required hygiene standards in accordance with state regulations. At a time of intense competition, there is no room for mistakes that could ruin a business. The managers of a company cannot monitor and be aware of all the requirements of EFET (Hellenic Food Authority) & Health Services, in order to ensure the legality of the company by avoiding fines and any negative effects on the reputation of their business. At the same time, now that consumers are more informed than ever, hygiene and safety of a business are the tools of loyalty and quality clientele.

Modern business needs regarding hygiene and safety include:

– Staff training for emergency response
– Product and supplier selection and assurance
– Safe and economical warehouse management
– Compliance with prerequisite rules according to the EFET manual to avoid fines
– Continuous monitoring and HACCP compliance guidance
– Internal inspections and determining potential new needs

Costing of menus and all production processes of an enterprise

Proper supervision of an enterprise involves the separation of each part of the production process. It requires the use of internationally recognized management and economy models that allow the company’s managers to have full control, reduce costs, organize new ventures and invest, thus speeding up the growth of their business. Costing the menu is the first step to comprehensive supervision of any business. At the same time, by combining culinary knowledge and academic education with many years of experience in the market, the team of La Chef Levi observes and proposes corrective actions aimed at maximizing business profit, avoiding risks and improving competitiveness.

Staff Recruitment

The process of suitable personnel selection has always been difficult for businesses. Wage negotiations, working conditions and freedom of movement are some of the most common issues between employers and workers. It all starts with choosing the right personnel; someone who will meet the current needs of the enterprise in conjunction to the needs that will arise in the future.

Having collaborated with companies from all over the world, La Chef Levi ensures that the right staff occupies the right position. The main priority is given to the students of the school as they undergo direct and daily contact while at the same time their evaluation is more thorough and qualitative. Through La Chef Levi’s Professional Career Office, businesses can hire qualified staff that would cover their needs in a short period of time.


Menu creation and staff training

From the smallest restaurants and patisseries to the largest hotel units in the world, industry professionals strive to create a unique experience for their customers.

Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal and the best type of confirmation of the excellent operation of any business as well as the most important reason to return to it. It is no coincidence that renowned chefs both in Greece and abroad design, correct, listen and receive influence from various sources in their effort to create the most ideal experience for any customer. All the time, knowledge and passion that a chef or an entrepreneur devotes to their business are indicative of the success and recognition they will receive.

At La Chef Levi, Chef, Sommelier as well as Food Stylists, are in a constant search for new flavors; they travel, study and experiment in the group’s specially developed research & development labs in Greece and abroad.

With a detailed step-by-step strategy, we pay great attention to the needs of a business and carefully produce different sustainable plans that perfectly blend culinary experience and company philosophy.

With long experience and expertise in cuisines from all over the world, a wide range of services is offered, including:

– Setting up/Renewing the Menu
– Setting up a wine card
– Addition of new dishes and management of seasonal raw materials
– Organization of thematic events
– Training staff on new recipes and techniques
– Quality operation supervision and customer preference analysis

Selection of equipment and suppliers

The existence of a properly structured and functional kitchen contributes to its development only when proper planning and provision of all needs, both short-term and long-term, has preceded it. A functional and intelligently set up kitchen reduces costs and minimizes the possibility of risk to staff and customers, helping to manage it successfully.

Since 1989, La Chef Levi has created a well-structured network of professionals in the sector, offering graduates and clients opportunities of accessing consulting programs and receiving more favorable prices for equipment and supplies, thus utilizing significant funds from the investment and from daily expenses. We offer the most useful advice to enterprises in need of quality equipment and reliable suppliers that adhere to the necessary safety rules; identifying the golden mean between lucrative investments and abusive spending requires experience, knowledge and study. Every business is unique and it must be treated as such!

La Chef Levi has created a range of services that aim to highlight products and companies related to the industries of food and food service.

The daily engagement with various raw materials from all over the world and also the workforce itself, through specialized knowledge and diverse experiences, can effectively provide personalized proposals and solutions to each new project of La Chef Levi.

Companies can choose from a range of services, including:

Content production / Promotion of company products

Every day, hundreds of culinary and Pastry-Bakery creations are created and photographed in the premises of La Chef Levi. We created the content production and promotion service because we understand the need for companies and businesses to show off their own unique work in order to attract customers. The high-quality photos, videos as well as their proper promotion, highlights the creations of a company, its philosophy and its uniqueness.

La Chef Levi’s Business Platform offers:

– Recipe Creation
– Photography & Food Styling product presentation
– Creation of Concept & Video content based on the needs of each product
– Article writing on topics related to nutrition and food service
– Product placement & promotion in the communication channels of La Chef Levi

Organization of Live Cooking Shows & Events

With long experience in organizing corporate events, competitions and exhibitions, La Chef Levi organizes tailor-made events, based on different corporate needs.

The available services provided for Event Organization relate to:

– Concept & Organization
– Budgeting
– Event equipment
– Catering
– Services
– Event promotion

The love of creation and tasting unites and brings people together. In a kitchen or a laid table, there is always room for ideas to be born, nice memories to be created and team bonds to strengthen.

For this reason, organizations from all over the world trust La Chef Levi to create culinary experiences for their employees, learning new recipes and of course tasting the wonderful results combined with wine tasting by the Sommelier of La Chef Levi.

The Be a Chef for a Day act has been specifically designed for groups of 6-12 people and, under the guidance of the chefs and staff of La Chef Levi, is the ideal opportunity for a creative experience. It is a unique way of encouraging group collaboration, welcoming new members or celebrating success.

We welcome companies to our facilities in the city center while we take care of every detail. We create custom experiences, competitive games, share useful tips while making sure to capture memories in photos and videos!

Employees of companies leave the daily routine of work for a couple of hours, wear their apron and become “Chefs for a day” together with colleagues and friends.