Classic or modern there is only one cuisine the good”

-Paul Bocuse

As a matter of fact, cooking is a form of art characterized by creativity, passion and inspiration.
At La Chef Levi, we welcome people who wish to combine this art with proper training, having one goal in mind;
the fastest professional evolution.

How is this achieved?

The key to becoming a successful Chef lies in the golden mean between practical and theoretical knowledge. A respected professional in the field of Culinary Art ought to possess comprehensive knowledge that allows them to cultivate their imagination while at the same time rely on structured thinking to avoid mistakes and errors.

This is achieved through high-quality education, which has duration and recognized efficacy.

At La Chef Levi, we are well-aware of that; since 1989, we remain the first and only private Culinary School in Greece that offers two specializations.

We keep using the word “specialization” but…

What does it really mean and how does it affect Culinary Studies?

Specialization is the result of dedication and choice.

In order to achieve full mastery, you owe it both to yourself and to the art you serve to devote the necessary time and attention. That is why we never changed our orientation and thus only ever offered two specializations from day one; so that we can maintain the best level of education.

Hence, through time and dedication, we can lend our weight to those who wish to become professional Chefs and Pastry Chefs.

La Chef Levi is the only School that does not accept students from other schools at any time to continue/complete their studies here. We maintain a specific educational process without interference and foreign additions, dealing entirely with the students who have been with us from day one so that we can provide them with all the knowledge they need.

No other School can guarantee that. This way, we ensure the best education for our students.

That’s the choice we make. Which will be yours?

The philosophy of exclusive specialization could not be complete without the continuous evolution of students as future professionals.

Each group is formed with a specific number of students in order to maintain the quality of studies. Thus, our students complete their courses without having unanswered questions. Upon graduation, they will have received essential knowledge and experiences that have provably created professionals in Greece and abroad over the last 30 years.

Moreover, it is very important for all of us at La Chef Levi to build strong teacher-learner relationships by encouraging students to raise questions, make mistakes and overcome challenges both during and outside teaching hours. We are here to work with each individual so as to achieve the best possible outcome.

Every day, inside our specially designed facilities, the School’s award-winning Chefs and experienced instructors cater to students’ needs by devoting as much time as it takes for them to assimilate a course, transforming it into a stepping stone towards the labor market.

The School’s facilities emulate a realistic kitchen environment with all the necessary tools and modern equipment that will prepare students to better integrate into any professional setting.

Gastronomy is the most labor-absorbing industry worldwide at the moment. The ever-increasing needs and globalization of the market offer endless possibilities in the field of Cooking and Pastry Art.

Thus, we, at La Chef Levi, decided to expand our educational horizons and create even more opportunities for our students by founding the first Greek School of Gastronomy abroad in Algiers, along with French colleagues and Chefs from all over the world.

This way, we created a global educational network for exchanging knowledge and specialized staff. At the same time, we continue to observe new trends in the industry firsthand, which we then integrate into our courses, thus enriching the knowledge of our students worldwide.

For 8 years now, La Chef Levi group has been the first and only educational group of Gastronomy in Greece.

These potential offers increase opportunities for our students, both in the quality of their studies and in the expanded labor market.

Our students outperform the competition and claim all the best job positions in the labor market in Greece, Cyprus and abroad.

La Chef Levi’s curriculum is designed to provide students with absolute expertise in their chosen specialization by combining essential theoretical instruction with workshops and practical training in facilities certified by the National Organization for the Certification of Qualifications and Vocational Guidance (EOPPEP) of the Hellenic Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs.

Workshops cover the largest part of the curriculum and are carried out consistently during both years of study.

Investment in new techniques and equipment, as well as the abundance of raw materials combined with the existence of only two specializations creates the perfect educational environment. This way, our students are ready to become unrivaled professionals and claim their future career both in Greece and abroad.

In March 2020, when Covid-19 pandemic drastically changed every aspect of our daily routine, including work and education, La Chef Levi was the only School that introduced tele-education effectively.

According to a decree by the Greek Government, all educational institutions in the country suspended their operation until May 18th. From the very next day, implementing the plan that had already been arranged, La Chef Levi commenced tele-education classes for over 150 students in all groups without exception.

The school’s goal from the outset was to utilize students’ time during lockdown to resume instruction of theoretical courses seamlessly and to enrich knowledge in issues related to workshops, such as molecular gastronomy, food pairing and new trends in the industry. Chefs had to opportunity to learn valuable techniques such as vegetable carving, 3D cakes and edible petals from behind their computer screen. Students sourced all relevant materials according to the instructions of the School and followed what their Chefs demonstrated.

Students from Crete, Ioannina, Rhodes, Athens and Cyprus met their instructors online and continued on the valuable path of education. At a time when everything else shut down, education continued.

Needless to say that from the very beginning, it was pointed out to the students that once the reopening of educational institutions would be allowed, catch-up classes for all practical lessons will be held. This promise became reality as soon as the reopening of the School was announced, always with utmost respect to the decisions of the Ministry of Education.

What was the outcome?

For two months, the School’s students went on with their studies and professional development as usual, this time from behind the screens of their computers or mobile phones. By following the instructions of the Hellenic National Public Health Organization (EODY) closely and taking additional measures for the safety of our students, we did it!

Not one lesson was missed! We are proud of being the only School that managed to catch up on all courses while our students attended a total of 50 hours of additional classes at no cost.

This is the responsibility we have since 1989 in Greece and abroad towards thousands of graduates and students of La Chef Levi Group;
to always be by the side of all those who trust us with their futures and dreams, regardless of whatever difficulties may arise. Creation never stops.

With decades of experience in the industry as the first private School of Cooking and Pastry-Bakery in Greece, we have the knowledge, proven means and continuance that education needs.

If you wish to study both specializations and receive both diplomas, you have the option of either enrolling in both programs simultaneously or consecutively with total study duration of three years.

We stand by our graduates

Even after the completion of their studies, La Chef Levi is in constant communication with its students, following their professional steps and providing them with professional guidance and counseling for their careers.

At La Chef Levi, we want our students to be able to choose the job that pleases them and to shape its conditions. Simply ensuring employment after their studies is not enough for us; we want the best possible position in the labor market for each of our graduates. Admittedly, the ideal job for everyone is the one that they themselves choose.

That’s exactly what we take care of by providing all the knowledge and experience necessary for our students to choose the job they want.

That’s because each one of you is a unique case for us.

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La Chef Levi is the oldest Greek Culinary School (Cooking and Pastry – Bakery), established in 1989. For more than 31 years, it remains the only School in Greece that consciously chooses to teach solely these two specializations. As a result, we achieve the best possible education and thus increase job opportunities for our students.



La Chef Levi was declared the 1st best School in Greece and 6th best School in Europe, titles that have never been awarded to another School.Constant distinctions highlight the quality work we have been doing for our students for more than 31 years in Greece and abroad.

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La Chef Levi group is the only one with activity abroad! It is of utmost importance for us to offer the guarantee of being the only global Greek School and thus ensure the best level of education with global recognition for our students.



Upon completion of their studies, students will have acquired the essential specialized training to stand as professionals in any business in Greece, Cyprus and abroad. The school’s curricula are distinguished with the most modern orientation, effectively educating students who are making their way rapidly in the labor market.
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The courses take place in the fully equipped facilities of the School that are certified by the National Organisation for the Certification of Qualifications and Vocational Guidance (EOPPEP), a statutory body of the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs.



Upon completion of the first year of studies, the School undertakes a paid internship for each student individually in luxury hotels and 5*or 4* resorts in Greece, Cyprus and abroad. Every future Chef or Pastry Chef from our School is going to work alongside renowned professionals, usually graduates of the School. With the help of an advisor, the School accommodates internships throughout the entire study period.



We consider the act of instructing young Chefs responsibly to be a very important duty. That is why we reserve a limited number of seats per class. By providing top notch equipment and limited groups, we offer high-quality studies and job opportunities to our students.



Being a certified examination center of ACTA, students can gain a certificate from Aristotle Certification Training and Assessment Spinoff.