One of the biggest concerns for every student is the following: “Where am I going to do my internship?”, “Where am I going to work after graduation”, “Will school improve my job opportunities?”

At La Chef Levi we share this impatience, anxiety and thoughts of our students. That is why we always stand by their side with great joy and understanding, both during and after their studies.

For this reason, we ensure an internship of the best experience and the fastest possible employment in the cooking, pastry and bakery industry. The internship takes place in the best hotels, restaurants and pastry shops all over Greece and Cyprus.

How do we ensure the job opportunities of our students?

With over 30 years of experience in the gastronomy industry, the knowledge with which we provide our students, discipline and creativity, lay the groundwork for serious professionals. Thus, our graduates are able not only to work successfully, but also to choose for themselves where to work, thanks to their high level of expertise.
To put it in a nutshell, the quality of education is the greatest “weapon” for La Chef Levi’s students. Each one of our potential Chefs or Pastry Makers becomes sought-after in the labοr market, skyrocketing his job opportunities.
The School is on the side of its graduates as its network of partners operates throughout the Greek territory, Cyprus and all over the world, which effectively and directly helps young students.
The greatest proof is the success of graduates as Executive Chefs, entrepreneurs and managers as well as knowing our educational task, they hire people to staff their kitchen directly from the School. After all, the recruitment of cooks, pastry chefs and bakers who have received the same proven successful training is also a guarantee of good cooperation.

Your job opportunities is our business

It is worth noting that La Chef Levi is the only School that also operates abroad. With our curricula creating professionals worldwide, we receive the greatest success confirmation of our students but also great joy for their development as Chefs. The School’s employment office welcomes daily jobs from affiliated companies, hotels, groups with global activity and graduates, operating exclusively and freely for the students of the School.
Graduates of La Chef Levi have unlimited access to new courses and workshops of the School, even after completing their studies. In order to enrich their knowledge and learn new trends in Cooking & Pastry, we stand by the constant development of our students without being financially burdened.

Global job opportunities for our students

La Chef Levi treats studies as a future investment. Admittedly, the best future investment is the right education and acquiring knowledge that will support careers, goals and the family of aspiring professionals. Through the School, students will build their lives, fulfill their dreams and develop their love for Gastronomy. It is our duty to stand by each individual and reciprocate the trust we have received from the very beginning. Since day one, we’ve been the first private school in Greece and the only one with two specialties.
Take a look below the whereabouts of our graduates on three different maps! London, New York, Boston, Melbourne, Berlin, Dubai and many other countries are the culinary homelands for many successful graduates of La Chef Schools in Greece and abroad.