Internship and Professional Rehabilitation
One of a student's biggest concern is "where am I going to do my internship?", "where will I be working after I am done with school?", "will the school help me with my professional rehabilitation?"
We share the impatience, the stress and thoughts of our students with great happiness and understanding. We stand next to them during and after the completion of their studies.
For this reason, we make sure our students have both the best internship experience and job finding as soon as possible in the Cooking, Confectionery and Bakery industry in the best hotels, restaurants and pastry shops of Greece and Cyprus.
With over 30 years of experience in the culinary industry, the knowledge our students get, the discipline and the creativity, help them become serious professionals who based on their skills are in position to not only work successfully but to also choose where they want to work.
The quality of the education is the most important "tool" for the students of La Chef Levi, who become sought after in the labor market and claim their professional future in the best way possible.
The school stays close to its graduates since its network of collaboration is active all-around Greece, Cyprus and the rest of the world, something that helps successfully and immediately our new students.
The biggest proof is the success of the graduates as Executive Chefs, business men and managers. Also, since knowing our educational work, they hire for the staffing of their kitchens straight from our school.  Why? Because the hiring of cooks, confectioners and bakers who have received the same successful education is the warranty of a good collaboration.
It is worth mentioning that La Chef Levi is the only school to operate abroad as well. Having our curriculum creating professionals on a worldwide level, we receive the ultimate confirmation for the success of our students as well as great joy for their development as Chefs.
Here at La Chef, we look at studies as an investment for the future. Because the best investment for the future is the right education and the acquisition of knowledge that will support the career, the goals and the family of the future professionals. Through the school, the students will build their lives, they will claim their dreams and grow their love for gastronomy. It is our duty and we will remain standing next to each one individually in order to give back the trust we receive from the beginning. From the beginning as the first private school in Greece and as the only one with two specialties.
See below where our students are in three different maps! London, New York, Boston, Melbourne, Berlin, Dubai and many other countries are the Gastronomical homeland for many successful graduates of La Chef Levi schools both in Greece and abroad.

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